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IDX Co Ltd-Contributing to society and accelerating the futures by providing high-performance power supplies for accelerators, medical devices and plasma equipment.

We always strive to provide the swiftest maintenance and service we can. Should you ever require support, please call you nearest sales office stating the nature of the problem and the serial number of the affected item.
Hours of business are from 8:30am to 5pm, but please confirm in advance your nearest sales office emergency number if you are likely to need assistance outside those hours.

Maintenance/Service framework

During normal hours

Sano (head office)

TEL:0283-85-7177  Mr Takahashi

TEL:0283-85-7320  Mr Murakoshi

TEL:0283-85-7902  Mr Yamaguchi

Kansai Office

TEL:0797-82-3211  Mr Okabe

Maintenance/Service carried out
*For emergency number outside normal working hours, please contact your nearest sales office.


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