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IDX Co Ltd-Contributing to society and accelerating the futures by providing high-performance power supplies for accelerators, medical devices and plasma equipment.
Careers at IDX

As a company established to use Ideas, to Discover and develop unsolved problems (“X”),
IDX has creativity as its creed and we are always taking up the challenge of new technology.
Staff recruitment is no different, and is carried out in the same spirit.

Physical age is irrelevant
Veterans should bring knowledge backed with experience
Youth should bring the fearlessness of spirit to confront new challenges

…so that all staff can build a creative work-space together as a player-manager members of the team

1:Custom-made large power supply sales
2:Switching mode power supply sales
3:Semiconductor market new business development
4:New energy market new business development
Sano office

1:Technical support for sales
2:Manager to oversee product planning, development marketing and sales to activate IDX technology.

Head office

Software and control technology1:Experience with control systems for scientific and Industrial equipment and system architecture
2:Hands-on experience of control technology for PC, PLC
3:Familiar with different types of interface
Sano site
Electrical, electronic circuit design1:DAC, ADC, Digital control technology
2:DSP control experience
3:Switching mode power supply, inverter design
4:Circuit operation simulation
Sano site
Microwave design1:Microwave equipment design technician
2:Microwave component design technician
Sano site
Electromagnet design1:Experienced with design of electromagnets for accelerators
2:Electromagnet system design technician
Sano site

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