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IDX Co Ltd-Contributing to society and accelerating the futures by providing high-performance power supplies for accelerators, medical devices and plasma equipment.
General industry

The 21st century demands transport systems that excel in speed and comfort with minimum environmental impact. One ultra-high-speed mass-transit solution gaining attention is the experimental “super-conductivity linear motor car”, undergoing tests in Yamanashi, Japan. If put into practice, a transport system running at speeds in excess of 500km/h (300mph) will be achievable - and IDX excitation power supplies are used in the superconductivity electromagnets at the heart of the “super-conductivity linear motor car”.
Also, in the rapidly progressing IT hardware field plasma etch and deposition tools and microchip testing equipment, in mechanical industry ECR tools for making hard thin films through ion implantation and microwave plasma hard film deposition tools, in general heating microwave heater dryer equipment and so on, IDX is pursuing new possibilities in general industry, and we promise to continue bringing benefits to everyone.


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