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IDX Co Ltd-Contributing to society and accelerating the futures by providing high-performance power supplies for accelerators, medical devices and plasma equipment.
Pulse/RF power supplies
Pulse/RF power supplies

imgSince the company was established, as a leader in the advancement of power electronics technology, IDX has provided stable, highly reliable power supply equipment to various fields of research and industry. Power electronics requires a high level of skill in both electronics and high-power, and when designing and manufacturing our high frequency and pulse power supplies, this power electronics technology and know-how is drawn upon.
The IDX high frequency and pulse power supplies that use this power electronics technology are used in equipment ranging from particle accelerators and fusion experiment systems like the cyclotron and the synchrotron, extending to medical treatment equipment, material analysis and industrial plasma equipment, sterilization equipment and so on.
With design and manufacture based on the technology we’ve built up since we began, we are convinced that we can provide solutions that live up to our customers’ expectations.
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