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High Power Electronics
IDX High Power Electronics Technology

imgIDX high power electronics technology has been in use for many years in leading-edge science and research fields as diverse as particle accelerator science, fusion technology, superconductivity engineering and semiconductor technology. While it is said that the 21st Century is the age of the IT revolution, IDX at the same time believes that this is also the age when these other technologies will blossom, and endeavours to become the world leader in high power electronics technology development.
Taking this research equipment and research itself into consideration, IDX sees high power electronics as an integrated system technology, and strives day and night to advance that technology.
IDX high power electronics covers frequencies from DC (0Hz) right up to microwave (GHz), covers power ratings from a few hundred Watts up to hundreds of megawatts, and extends from research fields to industrial applications. The array of applications can be seen on the “IDX power electronics tree”. A classification of the technical substance also follows


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