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Sano Head Office
Sano Sales Office

568-113 Ishizuka-Cho, Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture 327-0103
TEL: +81-283-25-1576 / FAX: +81-283-25-2731

Sano Head Office/Sales Office sales area consists of the North Kanto, Joshin’etsu, Tohoku and Hokkaido regions, providing new-product developments, special orders and standard items to suit your budget.
General affairs and accounting dept
TEL:+81-283-25-1575  FAX:+81-283-25-2741
Production dept. (materials)
TEL:+81-283-25-1962  FAX:+81-283-26-2550
Production dept. (manufacturing)
TEL:+81-283-25-1544  FAX:+81-283-26-2550
Quality dept.
TEL:+81-283-25-1540  FAX:+81-283-26-2551
Design dept.
TEL:+81-283-25-1961  FAX:+81-283-26-2551
Sano Sales Office
TEL:+81-283-25-1576  FAX:+81-283-25-2731
Sano Sales Office

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